Frank Kartell


Franck Kartell is a French producer who has releases on Between Places, Transient Force, Ukonx Recordings, New Flesh, Bass Agenda and others. Since 2005 he has been producing well thought-out Electro music filled with dark atmospheres and driving rhythms.



The T/error project is about experimentation and research in the Electro field.
Digging through dark depths, dystopic present/future and human/machine behaviour.
The project is restless! anxiety-triggering, brooding introspection, alternately expansive and oblique.
The sound is costantly keeping balance between its mechanical and soulful aspects.

Previous Releases with : Bass Agenda, Stilleben, Fundamental Records, Baox Records, Gated, Electro Records and others.


Martin Matiske

At the age of 10, in winter 1997 Martin Matiske (AKA Blackploid) started playing and mixing records at his home in Munich. His friend Suat Günes, owner of a record shop in Munich, introduced him to DJ Hell, who himself invited him to play at a Gigolo Night at the famous Ultraschall Techno Club in Munich. He was 11 years old that time. Supported by his father, he soon started producing electronic music in his studio at home. Three years later, in 2002, he released his first 4 track EP Stars&Galaxy on Gigolo Records. The EP had very positive reviews worldwide. Dave Clarke put Stars&Galaxy no. 1 on his playlist.

Today his musical backround is much more open to other sources. Inspired by the Clash, he bought an electric guitar and has already produced some songs, which will be integrated live in his DJ sets.


Francois Dillinger


Francois Dillinger (Ben Worden) glides between the two worlds of electro and techno. His journey through the genres is dark while retaining a cerebral, dancefloor-oriented quality. This stems from influences of Industrial, Detroit electro, and even Ghettotech that were a part of his first explorations as a DJ in Detroit. In the studio, Francois uses primarily all external hardware and modular gear, utilizing Ableton for final arrangements and editing. His Live & DJ sets lean heavily into the generation of hypnotic loops, creating long protracted mixes between elements to form unshakeable tension.

While he grew up an hour east of the Motor City, his musical roots were firmly planted there – taking hold for decades worth of defining moments in sound. As a fan, promoter, and DJ he’s been a part of the Detroit scene for over 20 years.

He has released on labels such as Diffuse Reality, Blind Allies, Natural Sciences, Dionysian Mysteries, Ukonx Recordings, Fanzine Records, Specimen Records, ZwaarteKracht as well as a debut album on Narrow Gauge. Two new albums, multiple VA releases and a handful of solo EPs are on the horizon for Dillinger in 2021.



Introducing Cliff Dalton: It’s only since mid 2020, halfway the first Covid-19 lock down, when Cliff Dalton decided to start producing his own brand of electro. Cliff is not new to producing; he has several years of experience of recording and playing in studios.

Cliff lives in The Hague, also known as the Dutch West Coast, and there are certainly traces of that typical West Coast sound to be found in his music. But Cliff loves eighties soundtracks and he draws inspiration from all those crazy sounds from the past and blend them together into something new. While there is always a dancefloor in the back of his head he is always trying to make it all melodic.

Something that stands out is the conceptual way in which Cliff likes to work. All his music does have a strong influence of the mechanical, the robotic and a dark future vision to bind it all together. All these elements are used to create dense atmospheric soundcapes. Cliff himself functions as an interface between harsh reality and pure fiction, while channeling any deep and hidden fantasies into the world of electro by moving air particles. A conceptual way of looking at things and the world around you lies deep into the music. His first releases will be available on Specimen Records early 2021.


Lloyd Stellar


Lloyd Stellar is one of the alter ego’s of Dutch electronic musician Erik Griffioen.

His electro sound is characterized by machine-like beats, melancholic pads, vocoder-driven vocals and futuristic themes that often deal with the apocalyptic consequences of man’s greed, the relationship between humans and machines and wars on distant planets.

Releases by Lloyd Stellar on Hilltown Disco, 20/20 Vision, KinetiK Records, Gated, Crobot Muzik, Abseits Recordings, Intellitronic Bubble, Bella Ursa and Specimen Records.



Andrey Sinitsin (Sinitsin) started his musical journey as a drummer in a rock band. However, he has always been interested in experimenting with different genres, including electronic music. His interest in electronic music led him to dive deeper into the production realm of music creation and he began to understand how his favorite tracks were made. With this insight, he began writing music himself. He now mainly focuses on creating electro, techno, and IDM.



Robodroid is a futuristic electro project ran by Przemek Kuduk (Robodrum) and Ben Evans (The Droid).

The year is 2050, humanity is collapsing and overrun by an anonymous entity, known as the Robodroid. The mission of the Robodroid is to end civilization as we know it. 2050 is the year of the war of the droids.


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