Circle of Enlightenment

Martin Matiske
Circle of Enlightenment EP

Catalog number: LDI007
Release date: 2 May 2022
Medium: 12 inch Vinyl



A1: Memory
A2: Breakout
A3: Lost In Space

B1: Microbot
B2: Stars
B3: Solaris

Martin Matiske’s superb new six-track EP Circle Of Enlightenment on LDI Records is based around the concept of one-mindedness and togetherness.

This German artist was fascinated with mixing records as early as his 10th birthday and had his first release on the legendary International Deejay Gigolo Records aged just 15. In the 20 years since he has released a selection of records on labels like Moustache Records and Bordello A Parigi. His timeless sound comes with a vintage touch and always fuses electro, italo and techno in fresh new ways.

This new EP aims to describe the direct connection between human beings and the universe. Martin says: “Human beings are aliens always looking for answers to questions like why are we here and what life is about? We know the answer but won’t accept it. We are made up of the elements of space and are directly connected to the universe. Each person contains the energy of the universe and is connected with everything that surrounds it. We are one! We are here because we are here! Our mission is to be!”

The EP opens with ‘Memory’, and Martin explains that “Remembering is the ability to do things right but most of the time it causes pain.” The track is a slick and icy electro workout with gorgeous retro-future pads bringing a cosmic sense of soul while the corrugated bass keeps busy below. ‘Breakout’ describes breaking out of normal thought and reaching a state of “no-mind.” It is a playful and dynamic electro cut with characterful bass and synth stabs like shooting stars as shimmering arps ride up and down the scale. ‘Lost In Space’ deals with the idea that human beings on earth are just as lost in space as aliens. It’s an interplanetary electro trip with glistening synths shining bright next to more twisted, tortured bass.

‘Microbot’ is about miniature robots that make our lives easier and ride on a punchy bassline, with neck-snapping snares and pads that circle around like spacecraft during battle. It is another lush electro workout that leads into ‘Stars’ and pays homage to the importance of these twinkling rays of light. It’s a widescreen track with withering leads, cyborg vocals, and a real sense of hope as the snappy drums march into an unknown future. Last of all, ‘Solaris’ pays tribute to the life-giving force of the sun with another super crisp electro groove, slithering arps and conversational pads that make both a physical and emotional impact.

Circle Of Enlightenment is a brilliantly adventurous and storytelling new EP from the ever-excellent Martin Matiske.

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