Machine Men

Francois Dillinger + Lloyd Stellar
Machine Men EP

Catalog number: LDI003
Release date: June 15, 2021
Medium: 12 inch Vinyl


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Detroit based electro and techno artist Francois Dillinger (Natural Sciences, Blind Allies, Dionysian Mysteries) collaborates with LDI Records owner Lloyd Stellar for the imprint’s third vinyl release. Machine Men EP sees the pair working in a deep and contemplative sonic world, inspired by the potential future where the relationship between man and machine becomes blurred.

The story of this EP takes place on a future earth, at a time where technological performance enhancing implants push identities of human and machine into a gray area which is no longer binary. On this earth, conservative groups oppose this development, stuck in the idea that machines are subordinate to humans. The EP explores this oppression of different ideas around identity, finding parallels with the same discourse and challenges that today we see in modern society and the fight against conservative, populist right wing politics to create an accepting and equal world.


A1 Tech Rx 4:46
A2 Antimachinism 5:08
A3 Neuralink 4:54

B1 Cybernetic Uprising 4:54
B2 Fear Paradox 4:27
B3 Machine Men 5:11


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