Rindler Horizon

Rindler Horizon

Catalog number: LDI001
Release date: March 29, 2021
Medium: 12 inch Vinyl (Mini-LP) / Digital


T/Error - Rindler Horizon

Dutch Newcomer label, LDI Records mark their first release as experimental electro artist T/Error steps up with the incredible Rindler Horizon LP.  A project focussed on experimentation and research within electro with releases on the likes of Bass Agenda, Electro Records, Stilleben and many more, now T/Error dives deep into explorations of present and future dystopia, digging the through dark depths of human vs. machine behaviour.

The Rindler Horizon is a hypothetical zone over the light speed, where time and space take on a different meaning than we know. An enigmatic place where any physical exchange of information beyond the line is impossible, all tracks on Rindler Horizon LP are set there. Brought to life across 7 tracks spanning brooding, introspective and glitchy electro, other-worldly ambient and pacey, anxious sounds, Rindler Horizon soundtracks an extra-terrestrial experience. 

Specializing in moody, atmospheric electro, LDI Records (Lloyd’s Dark Imperium) are an essential label to watch. Distributed worldwide by Clone Distribution, while the Dutch label’s main focus is on vinyl releases, available in selected record shops across the globe, releases will also be available digitally.


A1 Tachyonic Antitelephone – 4:03
A2 Future Vision – 9:46
A3 All the Clocks in the World – 5:29

B1 Gravitational field – 5:21
B2 Soylent Green – 4:27
B3 Ultraviolet Storm Radiations – 3:32
B4 Rindler Coordinates – 5:31

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