“Deep and clean tunes from Frank Kartell, which nod to Kraftwerk and more recent work of Anthony Rother.”

Review of Electric Sheep [LDI002] by Flatland Frequencies.

“Electric Sheep is underpinned with hardened electro/break beats and has a sparse, beautifully mixed minimal sound to it that tingles the ears.”

Review of Electric Sheep [LDI002] by Igloo Magazine.

Hypermodern electro, imbued with deep roots of classic drum machine funk

Review of Rindler Horizon [LDI001] by Igloo Magazine.

“Dark, atmospheric, electro – an exciting track that definitely lives up to the label’s motto!”

Article and premiere of the track All The Clocks In The World of LDI001 in Groove Magazin from Berlin.

“Challenging the mind and ear of the listener with a vast array of masterfully crafted sequences and abstract melodic arrangements”

Review of the album Rindler Horizon [LDI001] on Electric Kingdom

“This makes all the right noises at all the right times with dollops of extra-terrestrial menace”

Review of the album Rindler Horizon [LDI001] on Cacophonous Bling